Custom Made Jewellery

Here at Robinsons Jewellers, we can either create custom made jewellery or redesign an existing piece of jewellery and reset diamonds into more modern settings. We pride ourselves on our personal service, we are happy to do home consultations if you are unable to get to the shop or have access to offices in London if that is where you work and would rather meet us. Contact us today to book your design consultation meeting for your custom made jewellery.

Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke jewellery from Robinsons Jewellers allows you to turn a memory from a special place or time into something that will last you a lifetime. Meet with Matthew or Jason and let their extensive knowledge and experience guide you through the exciting and rewarding process of designing and creating your very own piece of bespoke jewellery. Have you been left a piece of jewellery by a family member? Do you have some mismatched jewellery or odd earrings that include precious stones? Are these pieces just not your style? Book a consultation with Matthew or Jason and see how Robinsons can re-design or reset the pieces and create custom made jewellery for you that not only retains the sentimental value of the jewellery but becomes a piece that you can truly enjoy wearing for a long time to come.

Get in Touch

To create your truly unique piece of jewellery contact Robinsons Jewellers today to book your design consultation meeting.


Jewellery Mood Board
Meet with Matthew or Jason, bring some ideas and photos if you want and start the process of designing your custom made jewellery. They will advise of stones and show you a selection of loose stones and settings that will suit your desired design and of course suit you too. If you are re-modelling an existing piece, they will advise of what settings and materials will work for the stones you already have. Once we’ve agreed the specifications of your jewellery, we’ll provide you with a price quote to consider.


After you have agreed on the design and price quote, the process will progress to your design being drawn in a CAD programme. This will allow you to see a photo-realistic image of your piece. Changes can still be made to the design at this point. After all, we want you to be completely happy with your jewellery. Often you can have an idea in your head but when you see a realistic image of it, it is not quite the same so tweaks are necessary.


Jewellery DesignOnce the CAD image has been signed off and all other details have been approved, the manufacturing process begins. We start with a wax model made to the exact size and specifications of the piece which is then used to create the cast that the molten precious metal is poured into to create your piece of jewellery. Your custom made jewellery is completely hand finished, our experienced craftsmen have exceptional eye for detail and can turn a dull piece of newly cast precious metal into a stunning, sparkling piece of jewellery you were expecting.

The End Product

When your custom made jewellery is complete, we will invite you to the shop where we will present to you the end product of the process; a stunning piece of bespoke jewellery ready for you to enjoy for a long time to come.